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About us

ExcelFin Advisors (the “Firm”) specialises in providing tailored consulting, business advisory, outsourcing, and tax (advising & compliance) services. We make use of our professionalism, in-depth industry knowledge, and technical expertise to ensure that we tailor our services to our clients’ demands.

For our clients to be able to focus on running their businesses, we help by taking care of administrative and regulatory duties.

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Felix Nyandika Manyara


Felix has the knowledge, experience, and qualifications required to provide your business with the faultless support and service you require. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from KCA University and is a member of the Kenyan Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He spent six years managing the tax compliance and advisory services of KRM Accountants LLP in his prior role as manager. He has a plethora of experience in company, individual, and accounting tax consulting.

Our Services

Taxation and consulting experts


Taxation services
Tax health checks

Because taxes are dynamic and complex, we offer tax health check services. These evaluations are intended to evaluate the organization’s degree of compliance with all tax regulations, help you identify the risk areas in your tax procedures, and help the organization quantify any tax exposures that may come up during the review.

Tax compliance

Periodically filing tax returns, such as corporate income tax returns, employee tax returns, withholding tax returns, or value added tax returns, is mandatory for taxpayers.

By computing entries to the returns, preparing the returns, and ultimately submitting them with the authorities on time, we provide you a little piece of mind.

Focused tax research

We support our clients in conducting targeted tax-related research intended to serve as the foundation for discussions on tax policy with regulators and the Treasury. The results of our research are utilized to guide choices about investments, market positioning, pricing, and interactions with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Tax review assistance & tax litigation support

Reviewing taxes takes a lot of time. We intervene to help you manage the review from the start to the finish. We examine findings made by the tax authorities, offer advice regarding the validity of requests, help file objections, and generally represent your interests before the Tax authorities. We can speak on your behalf at Revenue Authority hearings and meetings and help to settle any disputes that may come up.

By defending clients in the Tax Appeals Tribunal, the High Court, and alternative dispute resolution processes, we also help with tax litigation support. Our legal team has successfully represented clients in appeals against tribunal decisions before the Kenyan High Court.

Tax strategy, structuring and planning

As part of our tax planning services, we offer advice on any modifications to tax laws and regulations as well as, if appropriate, tax planning suggestions. We examine recently launched companies and big deals, offering advice on the most tax-saving arrangement.

Personal tax

We take great pride in offering individual tax guidance and solutions. Our services also include employers that need personal tax services to help them with salary reduction reporting and accuracy.


Consultation services
Client Accounting

Our top-notch, innovative approach can be customized to meet your needs, ranging from checking your finance team’s financial statements for compliance with applicable accounting standards to creating statutory financial statements for individual companies or consolidated groups. We can also help with audits and be a vital part of your audit partnership.

Big businesses may afford to hire a full-time, qualified accountant to help the directors manage the company by preparing reports for control and decision-making. Nonetheless, management in smaller businesses is forced to correlate profitability with cash balance due to a lack of these skills.


Advisory services
HR Management services

We also assist firms with the management of their human resources (HR), which is a significant area of possible risk. Give our strategic management services a look at your HR risks so we can make preparations to steer clear of any future problems.

Risk-oriented internal control support

We will be able to assess the efficacy of your organization’s operations with this support. This enables us to recognise the danger or risks and offer support for business planning moving forward to guarantee that problems don’t arise later.

Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an oversight role that guarantees the following: the effectiveness of internal controls
The management information systems’ dependability
Asset management and control within the organisation
conformity with the laws and rules that apply.
You can collaborate with our internal audit team to: Manage your internal audit function
Oversee the internal auditing function you now have.
help establish a separate internal auditing department
Provide guidance on the creation of management information systems and internal controls.

The dependability of the information management systems
Control and administration of the company’s resources
respect for the laws and rules that are relevant.
Together, our internal audit team can assist you in:
Organise your internal auditing task.
Oversee your current internal auditing department.
aid in establishing a separate internal auditing department
Provide guidance on management information systems development and internal controls.


Advisory services

Giving you the freedom to concentrate on your strengths EFA is aware of the intricacies, assets, and knowledge needed to provide payroll services both domestically and abroad.

A major burden if retained in-house and a possible risk if outsourced is keeping specialised teams and their software up to speed with changes in the rules impacting anything from tax to secure personal data transmission.

When you work with EFA, you can count on a continuously excellent payroll service together with access to subject matter experts for the whole range of supplementary services that include accounting, compliance, share schemes, tax, and pensions.Paying employees is a monthly chore that can take time. Corporates, small and medium-sized businesses, and business owners may handle this delicate process with professionalism thanks to EFA Payroll Services. With our in-depth understanding of the relevant laws, we streamline the procedure and take care of the payroll hassle, allowing companies to concentrate on their core competencies.

We provide the following services:
Monthly management accounts
Preparation of Annual financial statements
Processing of accounting records
Cash flow forecast
Registration for NSSF, NHIF, and PAYE
monthly payslip compilation for employees through email using Memory Payroll Software
Monthly payroll tax computation (PAYE, NHIF, and NSSF)
monthly return submission (by e-Filing) to the Revenue Authority
Employee P9s are issued at the end of the year.

Provide guidance regarding employment contracts.